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You want to create an animation or a different and impactful training?

Do you looking for ideas and effective exercises ?

Discover our 10 advices and ideas to create exercises and using your goggles easily.

Create simple exercices

Equip users of goggles and perform the following tests.

1- Stand on one foot and balance.

2- Keep a pen and ask pick it up in your hands.

3- On a table to fill of glasses with an bottle containing a liquid.

4- Install a customizable course and follow it in a given time:

  • Follow the arrows       
  • Test reflexes on the specific area with Reflexe Kit
  • Pick up keys or other object on the ground or hiding under a cone      
  • Avoid obstacles : mini hedge kit

5- Test precision and depth perception with the Precision Kit: launch the animals in the three hoops of different sizes.

6- Use Skill Kit to show the wrong perception and difficulty of concentration.

7- Work movement coordination with the scale coordination: walk on the bars, jumping into space, increase the speed of execution ...

8- Drive nails on a wooden board or cup a piece of string.

9- In a secure place, create a course using cones and track cycling. Follow it with a kart, a motor vehicle or a construction machine.

10- Making simple everyday activities such as:       

  • Put the key in a lock to open a door
  • Open locker closed with a padlock.
  • Introduce a bus ticket or push a sheet into a slot    
  • Dial a number on a phone or typing on a computer keyboard
  • Thread a sock or shoe ...

You can also develop your own exercises depend on your groups - users and your industry and adapt activities to your environment and your problems.

To accentuate the effects of disturbances , do exercises first without and then with the goggles.


If you have suggestions, please let us know : Contact us