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Understand and explain

This educational tool must be accompanied by information, training and prevention messages on these specific topics: alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation and sexuality.

It cannot serve as a substitute for a theoretical speech.

Here are a few sentences that users can say :           

  • "I do not see like that when I drank ... when I took substances ... when I'm tired !
  • "It's not true, I'm not in this state under influence of ..."
  • "What dose, number of alcohol units or level of fatigue I am like that ..."

Whatever goggles chosen:

It doesn't transcribe a vision of alcohol, drugs or fatigue. But simulate certain sensory disturbances which may be experienced while intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or fatigue.

This tool demonstrates the impact; disorders and changes in behavior and physical capabilities (loss of balance, reflexes, depth perception, visual field ...) and helps to alert to the dangers.

The goggles are absolutely safe for the user; to create an prevention activities and an demonstration safely.


Alcohol, drugs: variable effects

It is important to explain the physical and psychological effects of alcohol or drugs vary from person to person and depend on several criteria:   

  • Individual factors, gender, age, weight, disposal capacity, health status ...     
  • The type of products, quality, concentration, the amount absorbed, frequency     
  • The context, the conditions and consumption patterns (rapid ingestion, empty stomach, mixed with other substances ...)  
  • Aggravating factors, consumer expectations, lifestyle, personality etc.

The effects are not fixed and identical for all individuals.

Each person reacts differently so; to different consumption levels; to different types of products.


Need training or customized action ?

psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs, medication), fatigue - sleep deprivation, health and addiction, road risks, addictive behavior ...

It is important to have knowledges and skills to provide good information, prevention messages and create an effective demonstration.

You want to introduce a training workshop, stand?

To create an animation, a prevention or awareness impactful, ask our experts and our experience:     

  • To train your trainers - facilitators - collaborator, we determine all your needs and create a customized training plan. 
  • To create your preventive action, we come to your event and create animations adapted to your issues and your industry.

We support you in the definition, implementation and success of your approach!